Universal Story (2012)

(After Effects)

This short animation is a clip from Universal Story, directed by Murdo McLeod. Universal Story was a colaboration between many artisits and contains many different styles of animation and live action film. I was asked to create an animation for the line "now is animal - spider, horse, eagle"and decided to use the traditional technique of cut out. Although this piece doesn't have sound the full film is narrated by people from all over Europe and uses 7 different languages to tell the story.

The film will be entered into film festivals soon and then hopefully be uploaded for all to enjoy.

I'd Rather Not Tell (2009)

(Maya, After Effects, Avid and Pro Tools)

Final Master's project at Glasgow School of Art's Digital Design Studio.

Decided to create an animation based on a poem by David Orme, focusing on the use of black and white colouring, lighting and camera angles to create atmosphere.

(Sound at the beginning is a little quiet on this version.)

The Search For The Black Beard (2009)

(Maya, Avid and Pro Tools)

Character animation created in term 2. The inspiration for the character and story was to be taken from a well known character like Blackbeard, Cleopatra, Sherlock Holmes etc. Decided to create a story for young children and create Morgan the mouse character.

We Are All Special Part 1

( Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier Pro)

Stop motion Plasticine animation. Part 1 of a 3 part story for children on the differences between everyone and that we are all special and unique.

Part 2 was created using Cut Out style of animation and edited using Flash and part 3 was created completely in Flash. Both these parts will hopefully be added here soon.

Film editing Sail Boat promotional video will also be added soon.